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Refund Policy

A) Refunds Eligibility

  1. Refunds will only be processed at our discretion, wherever there is: (a) a wrong payment/ swiping’ or (b) the smile transformation is not possible; or (c) there is a manufacturing defect in the product and such defect cannot be cured/ rectified; or (d) a wrong product delivered; or (e) any missing part or item from the product or package; or (f) an expired product delivered. Whistle offers a refund policy for aligners or other products returned within 7 days of receipt, as well as a limited product warranty for up to 7 days after the delivery of the product.
  2. Your use of our website, aligners and other products are governed by our Product Terms and Conditions, available at, the Privacy Policy available at, , the product liability leaflet available at, and this Refund Policy, which together with any supplemental terms constitute the Agreement which are incorporated herein by reference. Please read each of the Agreement terms carefully before you decide to access the website or purchase any of our aligners or other products or avail the Services. Unless the context otherwise requires, all capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the respective Agreement documents.

B) Exclusions

You will not be eligible for any refund, replacement, cancellation or return in the following conditions:

  1. when the product plan is consented by customer or approved by the Partner Clinics;
  2. as any orthodontic or dental procedure or treatment is dependent upon multiple factors, alignment of teeth can still change after the treatment plan is completed, in which case you shall not be eligible for any refund, replacement, cancellation or return;
  3. if you have blocked your offer with an advance amount. Upon blocking your offer, you agree to pay all the remaining balance as per the agreed terms and conditions, otherwise, at our discretion, the blocked offer will expire, and the blocking amount paid will not be refunded; however, it will be adjusted for the new offer price;
  4. Wherever aligner/implant/brackets have been ordered or smile transformation planning has started after scans/impressions, or smile transformation has been financed or booked under any offer. Amount paid can, however, be used for any other product through ‘Whistle’.
  5. in scenarios where the product manufacturing/ planning has begun, part of it has been completed, or the prosthesis is fitted or an implant, bracket, or crown has been ordered;
  6. Customer did not comply with any Documentation or instructions and did not wear retainers/ aligners for the desired number of hours per day or did not change the appliance in time or failed to wear retainers post corrections.
  7. Customer misses the appointment with the Partner Clinics or fails to report for further treatment with the Partner Clinics (like implants or wear retention plates) or does not report for procedure at the prescribed interval, and the condition deteriorates and/or the aligners’ fit has changed.
  8. the procedure is over or customer gets any therapy or procedure done at any clinic outside Whistle’s partner network.
  9. If the aligner/ braces / crown / denture has not been collected by customer and ‘fit has changed’, due to shifting of teeth, requiring new measurements.
  10. if the delivery of aligners, other products, or Services is delayed due to unforeseen or catastrophic circumstances or a Force Majeure Event;
  11. The return of aligner or other products will not be entertained:
  1. without original packaging including, price tags, labels;
  2. upon the product being used or altered;
  3. if the request is initiated after 48 hours of damaged delivery
  4. if the original packaging is damaged;
  5. on remorse grounds such as not liking the aligner, other product colour, error of choice, or incorrect product ordered or unwillingness to use the product ordered; or
  6. if products are in good working condition/ fit.
  1. any payment received by our partners (including our Partner Clinics), in lieu of a treatment plan (if applicable), consultation, x-rays, scans, diagnosis and procedure planning, membership plans are not eligible for refund. Lab charges of any kind will also be deducted in addition to the administrative charges to be deducted from any eligible refund. Any processing fee, tax or any other fee levied by banking partners, credit card companies, mobile wallets etc. will be solely borne by the customer.

C) Process and contract

  1. For any eligible return, refund, replacement, or cancellation request, please send us a written request via email at along with the reasons which will be required to start the process.
  2. Please provide us with your customer ID details and email the images of the aligner, other product including all invoices and receipts for our reference. The damage to the aligner, other product must be clearly visible in the images.
  3. In case of any return/refund/replacement or cancellation request, we will process the same once the aligners and/or other products have been received and returned in full (including all components as well as any complimentary gifts or products which came along with it) and verified at our warehouse.
  4. We will initiate the refund/return/replacement/cancellation process only if the aligners or other products are received by us in their original packaging with their seals, labels, lot numbers and bar-codes intact, as applicable. The product along with all the invoices and receipts is to be returned in original condition (and with brand’s/manufacturer’s box, MRP tag intact, user manual, warranty card and all the accessories therein).
  5. Quality team will submit their findings regarding the aligners and other products purchased and Services availed to the customer for approval of the refund by competent authority.

D) Explaination and deductions

Cancellation of ‘smile transformation will attract deductions for the following services made to the customer by the company (regardless of offer):

  1. Product planning and designing fee;
  2. Lab charges, if any.
  3. Full interest on EMI based products

E) Refund Modes

  1. Mode 1: Customer may choose an alternate product with Whistle (standard deductions will be made in accordance with the Whistle policies).
  2. Mode 2: Credit to customer’s Bank (deductions apply).

F) Refund timelines (takes 3-4 weeks)

  1. The refund will be processed to the same account from which the payment was made within 30 days of approval of the refund. It may take 2-3 additional business days for the amount to reflect in your account.

G) Cancellation

If the order or the item(s) that you want to cancel have not been shipped yet, you can write to our customer support team or call the customer service. If you decide to cancel your order with us, then you may be responsible for payment of all applicable fees, including but not limited to cancellation, processing, shipping, handling, and other fees. We may change, at any time, at our sole discretion, any fee applicable to an Order. All cancellations are due within seven (7) days of the invoice date.

H)Quality Team and Management’s Decision

Notwithstanding the above, you acknowledge and agree that we have the sole authority to review any return, refund, replacement, or cancellation request for eligibility based on our own evaluation of all your relevant facts, circumstances, and records. We also reserve the full and final right and sole authority to approve or disapprove or approve a partial, full, or no return, refund, replacement or cancellation at all, as may be appropriate in light of the relevant facts and circumstances, on a case-by-case basis.


It is hereby clarified that in cases where the aligners or Products are provided in conjunction with any services provided by Partner Clinics as a bundle, then you hereby agree that the terms and conditions of the Partner Clinics shall be applicable, including those pertaining to returns, refunds, cancellations etc.

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